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  ABCs of DNA: Introduction to Genetic Genealogy
Pathways to Happiness
The Spark of Life
Classic Hollywood Romance: On Screen & Off
Classic Comedy of Radio & Television


ABCs of DNA: Introduction to Genetic Genealogy & Genomics


Walter Choroszewski shares his experience with DNA testing and teaches how you can discover the hidden treasures in your DNA. As a former science educator, Walter decodes the confusing science of DNA and translates it into common language. He compares genetic testing companies and directs how to find your genetic relatives, biogeographical origins and so much more!


Pathways to HAPPINESS

Pathways to HAPPINESS

Walter Choroszewski offers a fun and light-hearted overview of “Happiness” presenting historical perspectives from ancient philosophers like Plato and Confucius, to inspiring quotes from modern sages like Will Rogers and Groucho Marx. Walter covers the latest scientific and statistical research on the subject and also shares his own secrets for being Happy!

  The Spark of LIFE  

Photographer Walter Choroszewski presents an inspirational overview of LIFE offering perspectives and definitions from science, philosophy and religion. Walter also shares personal stories and colorful photographs from adventures in pursuit of his "Checklist of LIFE" and encourages all to follow their passions and live life to the fullest!

  Classic HOLLYWOOD ROMANCE: On Screen & Off  

Walter takes us to the roots of American Cinema from the Silent Screen era through the Golden Age; he reviews some of the best Romantic Movies ever made with stories of the on-screen celebrity couples and their off-screen love lives. He showcases Hollywood's longest marriages and contrasts with some of the shortest and most unusual romances.

  Classic COMEDY of Radio & Television  

Walter Choroszewski presents the history of broadcast comedy from it's radio debut in the 1920s through its Golden Age with Abbott & Costello, Burns & Allen and many more. Some radio stars transitioned to television in the 1940s hosting several comedy-variety shows. He concludes with the creation of classic sitcoms including "The Honeymooners" and all-time favorite "I Love Lucy."

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