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  Getting to Know Your DIGITAL Camera
I took the shot... Now What?
Photo Tips for Better Pics
Photography as Fine Art

  Getting to Know Your DIGITAL Camera (PH-I)  
Digital Photo 1: Getting To Know Your DIGITAL Camera! Walter brings his photo expertise, humor and a "straight-talk" perspective for an introductory class covering the basics of photography and how to apply them in the Digital Age.

He will help demystify Menus and Megapixels and will discuss realistic expectations and limitations of today's Digital Photography.

  I took the shot...Now What? (PH-II)  
Digital Photo II:  I took the shot...Now What?

Walter will help your audience take the "next steps" in developing a Digital Work Flow and File Management plan on their computers.

Walter will demonstrate basic photo editing techniques using popular software and will offer tips and tricks for emailing, sharing and printing photos.


  Photo Tips for Better Pics (PH-III)  
Digital Photo III: Photo Tips for Better Pics

Walter goes "Back-to-Basics" with a class offering a variety of tips for taking better pics! Regardless of your camera, this class will help you understand the different types of lenses, depth of field, rules of composition and lighting which will lead you to taking better photos.


  Photography as FINE ART  

Photographer and artist Walter Choroszewski presents the history of photography from its origins as a science to its transition to Fine Art.
He showcases the work of pioneer avant-garde photographers including Stieglitz, Steichen and Strand, mid-20th century masters including Adams and Weston up to resent-day artist Cindy Sherman.

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