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Timeline New Jersey
The Garden State In Bloom
Vintage Views New Jersey
The American Revolution: The New Jersey Connection
Cinema & Television: The New Jersey Connection
Jazz Pop & Rock: The New Jersey Connection

New Jersey Rocks!
The Amazing Superheroes of New Jersey
New Jersey Celebrate Your State

  Timeline NEW JERSEY  

A lecture and visual presentation with Walter's perspective on New Jersey’s history. Timeline New Jersey travels from the primeval dawn of the Highlands, through the Ice Age, up to the present. Meet New Jersey’s first people and explorers; take pride in our Colonial and Revolutionary history and celebrate the numerous events and "Firsts” that make New Jersey special!

Award of Recognition from the NJ Historical Commission

  The GARDEN STATE In Bloom  
The Great TREE Adventure

Walter retraces the path taken in creating his award-winning book, THE GARDEN STATE In Bloom(1993) and revisits the beautiful public gardens of New Jersey. This program showcases Walter's 25 favorite pubic gardens with colorful photography and historical information about each garden.

  Vintage Views NEW JERSEY PDF

Walter presents Vintage Views of New Jersey in Art & Photography from engravings, paintings and photos found at museums and the Library of Congress. He discusses the Art Periods that influenced the artwork and gives biographical information about each artist. Walter revisits some of the NJ locations and offers a comparative views through his own photography.

  The American Revolution: The NEW JERSEY Connection  

From the tea burning at Princeton to the Treaty of Paris, Walter Choroszewski presents NJ's preeminent contributions to the Revolution with stories of the retreat across the Jerseys and the triumphant return across the Delaware, battles at Princeton, Monmouth and Springfield, winters at Middlebrook and Morristown and Rochambeau's march through the Crossroads of the Revolution.

  CINEMA & Television: The NEW JERSEY Connection  

Walter is New Jersey Proud and celebrates the state’s historic contributions to American cinema and television—from Edison’s Black Maria Studio to the numerous Jersey-born artists that have starred on the big and little screens. Walter showcases New Jersey as the Birthplace of Silent Film and he covers NJ’s popularity as a location for movies and Reality TV.

  Jazz Pop & Rock: The NEW JERSEY Connection  

Walter Choroszewski is NJ Proud and celebrates our state’s significant contributions to AMERICAN Music of the 20th Century. Walter explores these music genres and showcases New Jersey artists including iconic legends SINATRA, BASIE & SPRINGSTEEN, as well as numerous other music talents from the SHIRELLES to the FOUR SEASONS...and many more!


"Mr. C" presents short biographies of New Jersey's most important Superheroes from history to the arts, including Washington, Barton, Edison and many more. This fun-filled family program instills NJ pride in our homegrown heroes and is suitable for school-aged children Grades K - 5

  NEW JERSEY Rocks !  

Based on Walter's award-winning New Jersey studies school program:
"Mr. C" offers an introductory version for New Jersey libraries. This fun-filled family program instills New Jersey state pride and is suitable for school-aged children Grades K - 5


  NEW JERSEY Celebrate Your State! - School Program  

For over 30 years "Mr.C" has been sharing his Jersey passion at New Jersey schools with this award-winning program. (School Program)
"Mr.C" brings his colorful photog
raphy, stories and humor to your classroom for
a fun-filled and educational media presentation on the state that will instill your students with a new pride in New Jersey.

School Program runs 45 min - 1 hour - Assembly-style or Small Group

Award of Recognition from the NJ Historical Commission

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